Every article you own is about to be relocated, so it’s a smart idea to make an inventory of your personal belongings. Not only will the list be valuable for insurance purposes but it will also help you organize your move, keep track of your home’s contents while they’re in transit and ensure your stuff is placed in the right rooms on moving day.

Photograph it

  • Take advantage of online inventory software where you can store pictures of your possessions.
  • Group similar items together, such as a pair of lamps or end tables.
  • Photograph all valuable pieces of furniture and any prized possessions.
  • Take a wide shot of the room to help when you begin mapping your new space.

Put it in writing

  • Create a detailed list of your personal belongings for each room, including chandeliers, window treatments and the inside of closets and cupboards. Use descriptive words when identifying each item on your list to avoid confusion later.
  • Start a file of warranties, receipts and owner’s manuals in case something goes astray. Record the details, such as manufacturer’s name, model, serial number, date of purchase, proof of purchase and current or replacement value.
  • Document the items in your attic and garage.
  • Print out multiple copies of your personal inventory list.
  • Tape lists to boxes to help identify what’s inside.