Dysco Disposal Services starts at $60


Single Item Rate

Sofa Chair $60
Love Seat $80
Hide-a-bed $115
Mattress/Box spring $60- $140
Washer/Dryer $60 – $120
Stove $55 – $75
BBQ $60 – $85
Fridge $60 – $100
Deep Freezer $65 – $100
Tv & small aplliance $45

All prices quoted are subject to 5% GST charge + disposal fee. 

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice.

In addition to the stress that moving can create, you may find yourself with a gross of unwanted goods which you may not be able to sell. It is DYSCO’s pleasure to remove these goods so that you can be uncluttered and unburdened by them throughout the moving process.

DYSCO will haul away anything you wish:
• Furniture, rubbish, building materials, unwanted or broken household goods.
• Paint cans, chemicals and propane tanks
• Yard waste
• Batteries & tires
Our Prices for our disposal services are determined by the volume of goods to be removed.

*Premium charges of 10% apply to Drywall, bricks, stone, marble, building materials and chemicals!



FULL $500 – 600
3/4 $400 – 500
1/2 $300 – 400
1/4 $200 – 300
1/8 $85 – 200
MINIMUM IS  $ 75.00


As we at DYSCO are conscious of the alarming environmental concerns we now face, it is our policy to recycle and reuse anything possible. This means that;

  • all usable furniture will quickly find its way to a charity which redistributes functional furniture to those who don’t have other means of acquiring them.
  • Additionally, all usable clothing and household goods will similarly be donated to local Woman’s Shelters to help those who are disadvantaged.
  • Building materials will also be recycled through Habitat for Humanity.
  • All recyclable materials will be recycled!
  • All yard trimmings and waste will be put into green recycling.