Summer Moving Tips

summerMoving in the summer can be hot, busy and takes some extra considerations!  But, let’s face it, that is the time of year people move for really logical reasons and it can also be really fun.  The kids are out of school, wedding season has many people beginning a new life together and usually in a new location, or graduates from high school are moving to college and college graduates are moving away from college.  Moving in the summer makes sense and, if done right, you can and should take time to stop and smell the roses or make it an adventure.  Here is everything you will need to know about moving in the summer!

Summer = Moving Season

As we discussed above many people move in the summer and can make moving labor and moving truck rentals busier.  Here are some tips:

  • Plan Ahead
  • Schedule Trucks and Movers Early
  • Confirm your Reservation
  • Move in the Middle of the Month or the Middle of the Week (If at all possible)
  • Try Moving Containers

Moving season can be managed well when you follow these tips!

Caring for your Belongings

When packing, keep in mind that the heat can damage your belongings.  Items like candles, records, CDs and anything else that is sensitive to the heat should be put in a marked moving box and placed in an air conditioned car.  If you are needing storage for any items make sure you use climate controlled storage for items that will be damaged as well.

Preparing for the Heat

You do not want to make yourself sick on moving day.  Moving is a very physical job, even if you hire movers.  Make sure to drink enough water to account for the heat and the extra activity.  Put someone in charge of reminding everyone to drink water or hand out the water bottles every hour or so while moving.  It is also important to wear sunscreen, dress light and take breaks.  For a full description read these 4 Tips for Summer Moving!

Loading the truck or trailer can wear you out quickly in the summer heat.  Set your reservation for the night before and get an early start, especially if you are going the DIY route!  The best advice I can give you is to schedule movers!  It was a life-saver last time I moved.  They are able to lift the heavy items and load the truck safely and efficiently.

Cross Country or Out of State Summer Moves

Make sure to enjoy your trip when you are moving cross-country.  Here is how to make the most of your move:

  • Pick your route.
  • Choose landmarks, restaurants and scenic routes whenever possible.
  • Try local spots and enjoy the moment.  This is your summer after all!
  • For more ideas read this.

When you are moving out of state, you will be renting a one-way moving truck or trailer.  You will be paying based on estimated miles and the amount of days you need the truck for the trip and not on exact mileage.  Here are some tips for moving to a new state!

Local Summer Moves

The most important thing when moving locally in the summer is to get done as quick as possible!  The quicker you are done, the quicker you are out of the heat and back to enjoying your summer.  Load the truck the night before with as much help as possible from your friends!  Bribe them with pizza or an ice cream social.  This will help you beat the heat and be ready to go first thing in the morning.  If you get an early start the next morning you may be able to beat most of the heat.  Here are some tips for a local move!

Summer Moving with Kids

When loading or unloading the truck or trailer it is easiest to get a babysitter or someone to watch them.  The best option is to take them to a friend’s house where they can stay in the air conditioning.  This also helps keep them out of harms way and in the care of someone who is focused 100% on them.  Now if your kids are older, get them to help!  Also, when you make stops and plan on some of the family staying in the truck, keep the air conditioner running.  Detailed family moving tips here.

Summer Moving with Pets

Pets need some special attention when moving.

  • If moving out of state, factor in multiple breaks for the pets to relieve themselves.
  • Keep them hydrated in the summer heat.
  • DO NOT leave them in the truck unattended.  You may need to eat or break in shifts.
  • Take precautions by securing your pet to avoid distracted driving.
  • They may be uncomfortable or curious in your new home so make sure to pet proof!

Moving in the summer may be a necessity for you, but as you can see there are some extra considerations to take.  Use this guide to ensure your move goes smoothly.